e are a binational law firm with more than 30 years of experience

Rudolph & De Regil is a binational law firm based in Tijuana and San Diego, with more than 30 years of experience focused in helping our clients with their immigration needs. We offer 100% personalized attention.

e serve more than 600 new clients each month

We help out clients in a monthly basis to help them through their immigration process.

We help families, enterprises and professionals in Mexico and the US, giving binational corporate immigration services, as well as staffing and law consultancy.

e have helped more than 40 thousand people with their immigration needs

Our team is composed by more than 60 immigration experts located through 3 offices in San Diego and Tijuana.

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E1 Investor Visa

The E1 visa is intended for entrepreneurs who seek to start a comercial operations from the United States.

E2 Investor Visa

The E2 visa is destined for entrepreneur who wish to start or manage a business in which they have invested a substantial capital.

I-130 Family Immigration Petitions

If your spouse is a Legal Resident or US Citizen, or your children are US Citizens and more than 21 years old, we can work with you to achieve your Legal Resident status.

Consulting to Establish Binational Operations

We offer strategic consultancy for those who want to start operations in the US, be it through a new enterprise, or through a subsidiary for a Mexico-based company to then, simultaneously, start working through said enterprise through a TN Visa.

Professional Visas

This Visa, known as the T1, allows certain Mexican professional to work temporarily in the US, hired by US-based companies. Some pros of this visa are:

• Easier application process
• Less legal requisites, both for the candidate and the future employer
• Shorter interview and approval times
• Lower rates
• Family can follow suit after approval has been completed
• No yearly limit for applications
• Part-time applications permitted
• Applicants are not required to live in the US
• W2 wage tax class
• English language courses or certifications not required

Professional Visas with Placement

Our firm works with US-based enterprises who require candidates to satisfy their qualified personnel needs.

As part of our work, we develop marketing strategies to attract, capture and filter leads, with the goal of providing a solid list of candidates that comply with the requisites requested by the US company.

Over all, we also provide the needed legal services for the successful approval of each and every accepted candidate.

Records, FOIA/FBI fingerprints and consulate research

If you want to start an immigration process and want to know more information regarding your current status through different government offices.

For your safety, and to improve the success chances of your application, it's very important to know your status. By getting precise information, we can establish a better strategy.

Maybe you have been arrested or deported in the US and don't remember the details of these events, or maybe you don't know with certainty the status of previous immigration applications.

We can review your history and trace the best route for your successful application!

Other Services

We help companies and professionals in Mexico and the US through binational corporate immigration services,
staffing, and law consulting.

Consulting and guidance through any US labor and immigration situation:

• Non-immigrant work visas
• Student visas
• Family petitions
• Investor visas and binational operations arrangement.

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